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Tranquillo Forza

Il bocchino nei labiofoni

Un approccio moderno di analisi, scelta ed uso dei bocchini per tromba, trombone, corno, flicorno e tuba

With foreward by Edward H. Tarr

Editions BIM (ISBN 2-88039-018-4)

I edition: december 2000


Foreward by Edward H. Tarr
In this book, Tranquillo Forza has presented an exhaustive analysis of the mouthpiece, its component parts, their function, and how different mouthpieces work. After reading this book, the curious reader should have no more questions! The information is all here! Tranquillo Forza is to be congratulated on doing such a thorough piece of research, which will surely be of great benefit to the entire brass community.

Rheinfelden-Eichsel, March 1999

Edward H. Tarr

Director, Bad Säckingen Trumpet Museum
Teacher of Trumpet and Baroque Trumpet, Basel Music Academy

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